Combining great design and durability with fast, efficient installation, SwiftLiner™ makes your project easy.

SwiftLiner™ is a pre-finished interior lining system ideal for completing projects quickly with a reduced number of trades. The panels will arrive ready to fix to your timber or steel framed walls replacing the need for the traditional plasterboard. The product is made here in New Zealand using E0 MDF that is FSC certified and over laid with a durable laminate and the edges sealed with impact resistant tape.

SwiftLiner™ is designed to be easily installed with one person starting from one corner of the room and working around in a systematic way. The panels are glued to the framing using prespecified adhesive. The panels are hidden nailed/screwed through the tongue and face fix where trims are applied.

Tools required:

  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level, ensure start straight and plumb.
  • Rail saw, ensures long cuts are straight.
  • Finishing hand saw, to cut tidy into the corners of doors and windows
  • Finishing nail gun or flush fitting screws

Installation steps

  1. Start from the corner of the room and work around one panel to the next.
  2. Glue panels to the wall using specified adhesive.
  3. Secure the panels with finishing nails or countersink screws through the tongue and through the face of the panels were trims will cover.
  4. Panels should be held 10mm up from the floor and down from the ceiling.

Specifying SwiftLiner

  1. Measure the lineal meters of walls required for lining.
  2. Check the wall height, panel lengths available as 2400mm and 2700mm.
  3. Check for any external corners.
  4. Check for any end caps or trims.
  5. Select the colour required.
  6. Compiler the list of panels required.
  7. Send the order direct to commercial@compacgroup.co.nz for a quotation and conformation.